Internet of Things (IoT)
Connecting beyond computers and phones to Homes, Buildings, Equipment, People, Regions, and Cities. The next evolution of network connectivity and business intelligence.
Opportunities still abound

Enabled devices, platform, and business innovation is still in its early days -- growth opportunities are starting to mature opening the door to smaller and medium businesses look to create more value for their customers in both bespoke and established platforms or frameworks.

With real-time data on your operations, you can make better decisions, streamline processes and get to market faster. 


Speed is Smart Business Strategy

Greatly improve user productivity and integration flexibility, scalability and expandability over custom manual coding. Hand coding, either by IT workers writing SQL scripts or business people using spreadsheets, is still being done extensively in organizations. This isn't just being more efficient, it's a business model enhancement of your brand.

Improve Decision-Making

Effective decisions depend on aggregated, calculated, and time-series data values in a data warehouse—data and data structures that wouldn’t exist without data integration. Your business performance depends on aggregated team participation and KPIs from all business entities. This is true whether operations are within a single enterprise or separate entities that share data.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about taking the interconnectedness of our computers, phones, and servers, and including sensors, appliances, systems, hardware, machinery, and environments all around us every day at home, at work, and beyond.

Sensor Monitoring Diagnostics

From industrial applications, to transport, safety and compliance, metering, asset-tracking and transportation, IoT provides insight beyond your network, building, and fixed assets, to remote movement, maintenance, and critical infrastructure.

Knowledge is power. IoT is more.

Act on data in ways you never thought possible. Respond to changes in your ecosystem constantly, trigger events and alarms. Create workflows that trigger themselves based on inventory levels, environmental conditions, and staff physical movement. 

Turbocharge your Workflow and Reporting

Cultivating Interoperability within your business areas is an enormous boost to automated decision-making and KPIs delivered to key human leads.

Anything connected is a value to your business.

Everything that can be connected will become part of your operational ecosystem. It is happening now. It is happening everywhere across sectors that efficiencies, profit, and customer benefit.
Security is paramount importance

Security is top of mind with IoT for iTMG. From remote sensors we analyze security risk profile for the integration protocols used to pass data and ensure that the right measures are in place to protect your data.

Empower and Enhance Your Team

Your team is everywhere now. Whether in office, warehouse, distribution centre, remote sales, on site support, in the field, in the lab, or in large scale construction sites, linking your teams with your IoT data is not just empowering; it's disruptive.

IoT growth shows no signs of slowing

The number of IoT devices connected is projected to surpass 30 billion by the end of 2020. This creates for business opportunities for those who see the growth possibilities and challenges for those don't.

Leverage Robust, Proven, Workflow Automation

An expanded and enhanced ecosystem of available data scales your opportunities significantly. Leverage this scale in your existing sales and production operations - and leverage into new opportunities for product and service offerings to your existing or a new customer base.

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