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Businesses lose up to 30% of their profit from human-driven mistakes. Additionally, automating repetitive processes can save over 15% per staff in wasted productivity (things that humans are bad at). When you add to this over 140% in improved sales, conversions and opportunities, you see how valuable automated processes can be to help human staff focus on what they are best at.

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iTristan Media Group is a full stack software engineering development company that provides user-centric and business-focussed product design and engineering. We work with rapid-growth startups and enterprises to build mobile experiences that solve real-world problems for businesses and their customers. Our consulting scope and production agile process promotes transparency and especially encourage you input, insight and participation. Speeding up development and reducing your risk, is foremost our concern and has resulted in hundreds of applications released and growing.

Your User Experience will be central to customer satisfaction, joy and repeat business. We provide you with the team experience from Startup to Global – understanding that growing from scratch brings its own unique challenges, and expanding from established systems, cultures and teams also brings its own challenges. We work with your team to determine ideal growth model, version iteration and feature management to ensure that your business model is well aligned with your technical model.

Context: The User, the Device

Make sure your customers experience your brand the right way at the right time. 
We deliver high performance apps and application infrastructure to support every customer-facing and administrator-managed screen, site and page from mobile, to reader, to tablet, to desktop, the simple to out of the box thinking and complex business driven solutions to ensure your user base gets what they need when they need it.

Business Model

Your Business Model is a work of art. It lives, it breathes, it grows and changes. And all the while it remains a work of art. So often it may not feel like it – just like art. There are challenges to your Business Model evolution and we are there to learn it, understand it, and help you to find its next masterpiece level through strategy, planning, technology, and execution.


Eventually, we all wonder: "What if I could have that data just show up over there? That would make my life so much easier.". The light goes on and we know what is going to make our own process that much more powerful and competitiveness that much stronger. Our customization team can build out this piece of your competitive puzzle, and through our Modular Application Development model, and their creative technical mindset, they have probably already thought of something similar and are just waiting to build your app, your integration, or your tool just as you need.

Deep Sector Insight

Decades into building and customizing for a variety of sectors, iTristan Media Group has built a culture of business needs assessment down to a granular level. We bring to our clients an in depth understanding of their own business workflow and logic often deeper than they understand about their own business.

Project Methodology

We get beyond assumptions with enterprise class Project Methodology and mathematical models built into our software, business process automation, and platforms designed to move clients' businesses to a much higher performance level.

Sector Experience, Abstractable Knowledge

Knowledge developed for one sector is transferrable: Wholesale technology to IoT, from Retail to Charity management to Arts, from Telematics to Finance, from Compliance to Integration, from Supply Chain to Risk Mitigation. It's still Software Application Development, with the added benefit of leveraged experience in broad sector business model deployment.

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Customize. Extend. Calculate. Integrate. Communicate. Promote. iTristan Media Group builds complex software applications that address your unique business requirements. Our team analysts and engineers follow a business-logic approach first in crafting a software application solution. This gives you the jump on innovation with the first mover advantage in your industry with Custom Software Application Development. This is business software tailored to your needs.



Complete Needs Assessment analysis of your business, process and workflow to see where and how, precisely, your new system will fit and work. We've learned a lot of business models over the years and have a cultivated investigative process to ensure accuracy.


Solidify requirements – establish a clear connection between your business case, project goals, and a clearly defined project outcome. Our production team works to verify how your system will work with your model.


We present our plan, recommendations to make money, save money or streamline your business. Defining upgrade strategies to maximize R.O.I. and streamline process.


Put the plan in action. Design, Layout, Configuration, and Customization; the team collaborates with your lead stakeholders to ensure that the Plan is executed to a rigorous Quality Assurance standard.

Run-of-the-mill one-size-fits-all software won't do for your business. You need something customized; something unique

What you really need is Custom Software Application Development

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