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Did You Know?

Businesses lose up to 30% of their profit from human-driven mistakes. Additionally, automating repetitive processes can save over 15% per staff in wasted productivity (things that humans are bad at). When you add to this over 140% in improved sales, conversions and opportunities, you see how valuable automated processes can be to help human staff focus on what they are best at.

Planning for Technical Growth is Planning for Business Growth and Profit

Performance Management and Testing are the disciplines of operations efficiency, speed, and availability, with user experience for end users, partners, and internal operations teams to ensure that you understand how your systems are meeting and exceeding expectations for all stakeholders and end customers.

Peak Performance = Speed + Scale * Updates

Performance must be consistent no matter how many people are visiting, buying, and using your systems. Performance is central to your organization's application planning because it is central to your business planning. There is no longer a difference. We visualize performance scenarios through the lens of perfect performance even in the harshest of demanding situations.

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Improve Code Quality

Poorly written code is faced by many businesses, usually due to inexperienced technology planning and programmers. This results in slow performance, memory leaks, data synchronization issues. Legacy systems are also a very common source of failures if left long enough. We optimize your code, streamline code deployment best practices, with the key goal to increase performance, and reduce errors and bugs.

Server and Architecture

Eventually, all successful businesses grow out of the single-server model and need their speed and performance to consistently deliver fast, accurate, and robust service to your clients and partners. Load distribution of your website or application is a combination of servers as well as architectural modelling to provide services all your system's components need.


Peak Load Management

Is your business technology ready to succeed? What happens when you start hitting the numbers you've worked so hard to reach? Are your systems ready to actually do this work, process those transactions, serve your customers at this level? If you thought the answer was to just buy a bigger hosting plan, think again.

Monitor, Test, and Optimize

Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing is central to understanding processing time, throughput, memory use, asset loading, and database response speed. Your Technical Analysis Strategy is key to understanding all the elements of your growth potential. Performance metrics provide key insight to next steps, systems upgrades, architectural changes, and server robustness.

Prioritizing Performance Engineering early in planning and development, we cultivate a culture of analysis and agile responsiveness.

Integrity and transparency in your planning ensures strategic business decisions are optimized as they are executed.


Accountability & Delegation

Humans work on some tasks, software works on others. Most often, humans and software work together. This requires events, alerts, data , and synchronization to provide timely and accurate data back and forth ensuring that humans and systems alike have the data necessary to get their jobs done throughout your ecosystem.

Security Architecture

Whether legacy systems requiring patching, or new software requiring architectural planning, cyber security reaches into the realm of software development as much as it does for IT infrastructure, payment gateway integration, and data architectural strategy. Where your critical data lives now matters as much as its accessibility, as much as it does encryption. We work with cyber security consultants to ensure that your security model is compliant and provide insight into evolving models as you grow.

Scale Sales

Sales performance scale must handle a spectrum of demand use-cases including, most importantly, concurrent demand. Handling a few dozen surfers is one thing; handling several hundred buying customers at one time, is heavier; handling several thousand plus administrators running reports is yet another thing. We help you plan your technology platform growth outlook to ensure you're ready for growing demand.


As your business and platform moves from a straight B2B or B2C to an Ecosystem, the demands on robustness, maintenance, and speed grow exponentially. No longer is your business about selling to and helping your clients and customers, it is now an actual part of your partner's businesses. Now your performance is their performance. Feeling accountable?


Ask questions, learn from your data. Explore, see connections and visualize in beautiful graphs and charts. Most of all, improve your insight, create new and deeper interpretations, and continue the evolution of your business insights.

Automation & Logistics

Consistent monitoring provides your company with the tools they need to make important decisions, reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime, and predict outcomes, problems, and opportunities before they are critical.

Pull your weight with Peak Performance ready systems

Optimized development time, features, integrations, syndications, robustness, staff satisfaction, creative deployment, financials, are all parts of an optimized business that performs for your customers, your team, and your bank accounts.

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