The Business Software Value Cycle

digBiz Podcast ep 11 | Daniel Mazurkiewicz on The Business Software Value Cycle

The Business Software Value Cycle

digBiz Podcast ep 11 | with guest Daniel Mazurkiewicz

Whether you're a shiny new startup ready to take on the world, or an old school industry player evolving and expanding to bring it in the 21st century, your engagement, management, customer service, and operations are playing by the same new digital rules. Are you up for it?


My guest today is Daniel Mazurkiewicz from iTM Dev Labs to talk about the Business Software Value Cycle today on digBiz.

Value. A Complete Business Software model should not be viewed as an expense but an integral value to your revenue, operation, and support model. This was central to my podcast with Daniel Mazurkiewicz where we touched on software development cycles, maturity, support, and updating - all part of the recurring innovation, adaptation, optimization, and protactive planning cycles to ensure that you remain on the front foot of reaching your clients more effectively, and profitably than you did before. 

This recurring cycle is value.


Some markers you may want to jump to : 

  • 04:00 : The Goldilocks Zone: business person and technical person
  • 08:00 : What is your scale?
  • 11:30 : Evolving. The many faces of Evolution, for engagement, staff and ecosystem.
  • 14:00 : Keeping control of your disparate systems.
  • 20:00 : Dedicated software versus Existing platform. Sources of truth in software planning and kitchen renovations.
  • 27:00 : Maintenance, support, and tender loving care of your systems: understanding the value.
  • 34:00 : Keeping on top of updates; security and sanity.
  • 39:00 : READING Assignment: The Phoenix Project
  • 40:00 : Layers of requirements from differing parts of your business
  • 42:00 : Demonstrating value: real world examples
  • 46:00 : Simple eye-opening low-tech solutions can be low-hanging fruit
  • 55:00 : It's about business first. Technology second.