Business & Digital Transformation

digBiz Podcast ep 14 | Business & Digital Transformation


Business & Digital Transformation

digBiz Podcast ep 14 | with Stephen Davies

How do we distinguish change from transformation? Business transformation from Digital transformation? Change can be small and incremental or it can be large and complex. Stephen Davies joined me from Transformation by Design to explore how organizations that are successful at transformation get it done; while other efforts whither, fail, and fade away nothing accomplished.


Today, on digBiz we're joined by Stephen Davies from Transformation by Design

"The change in the level of capability of an organization."

Your organization needs certain capabilities to get certain things done in your mission. These capabilities enable them to reach their goals and fulfill their mission and accomplish what they set out to do.

Ever feel like your planning ends up here?

Markers you may want to jump to:

03:15 What is business transformation?
05:00 What transformations truly differentiate a business?
06:30 Competitive advantages through strategic capabilities
09:00 Failure to Imagine: a new feature is not transformative just because it's a new feature.
11:00 Transformation of purpose
12:00 Automation versus Digitization: continuing to evolve
17:30 Getting caught in the glamour. It's not about about the tech.
19:00 Your team wants in. Most of the time. Real change happens in real work.
22:30 Reach out to your team's hearts
25:00 Digital construction workers
27:00 Never underestimate the fun and attachment your people can have with their work
29:00 TRUTH or FAKE time ...
42:00 Leadership in transformation: who's going to spearhead? Do they have the right mindset?
47:00 Growth leaps places enormous stress on the bedrock of culture
48:00 The Transformation never ends ...
53:00 The transformed digital delivery models are sticking around
1:01:00 Being agile transformation leaders: embrace how you're creating value and resilience

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