The Entrepreneur's Journey | Guest Podcast

digBiz Podcast ep 15 | The Entrepreneur's Journey | YEDI Guest Podcast

A bit of a departure from the usual diBiz Podcasts, iTMG's Jason Agouris was a guest of the York Entrepreneurial Development Institute -- YEDI -- where we discussed the entrepreneur's journey, challenges, successes, how to embrace failure, working with your team and building a culture ready to strive for excellence.

The Entrepreneur's Journey

Many thanks to YEDI for having Jason on the show for this guest appearance

Markers you may want to jump to:

03:00 When SMEs start hitting the wall
04:00 Labour shortages, skill sets, and automation
05:30 Thinking agile. Becoming agile. The culture of an agile business.
07:00 Controlled, Iterative Test, Fail, Iterate. Run with it.
09:00 There's no such thing as failure, only feedback.
11:00 Accidental branding
14:00 Early years. Reading suggestion: Good to Great
17:10 Failures in Planning: Scope Assessments and spotting forks in the road asking the hard questions
20:00 YEDI mentoring
24:00 Know your strengths, superpower, and kryptonite, and surround yourself with people that complement
26:00 Play to the amygdala. What motivates your team?

For More Information About YEDI:

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+1.647.919.YEDI (9334)