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Log4J Vulnerability Response

It's been widely reported, and widely felt, and both for the most unfortunate. A new zero-day exploit has been reported targetting the well-established Log4J2 library allowing an attacker to remotely execute instructions. The vulnerability has been reported with CVE-2021-44228 against the log4j-core jar and has been fixed in Log4J v2.15.0.

Mobile App Development

We need to see your business thrive

iTristan Media Group is a full stack software engineering development company that provides user-centric and business-focussed product design and engineering. We work with rapid-growth startups and enterprises to build mobile experiences that solve real-world problems for businesses and their customers. Our consulting scope and production agile process promotes transparency and especially encourage you input, insight and participation. Speeding up development and reducing your risk, is foremost our concern and has resulted in hundreds of applications released and growing.

Your User Experience will be central to customer satisfaction, joy and repeat business. We provide you with the team experience from Startup to Global – understanding that growing from scratch brings its own unique challenges, and expanding from established systems, cultures and teams also brings its own challenges. We work with your team to determine ideal growth model, version iteration and feature management to ensure that your business model is well aligned with your technical model.

Software Application Development

The right software partner not only builds for your business,but changes how you see your business.

Capitalize on Business Opportunities through software applications. Increase your business agility and flexibility with simple to complex applications that address your unique business requirements. Integrate with third party systems and manage risk compliance proactively and strategically.


Sector Experience, Abstractable Knowledge

Customize. Extend. Calculate. Integrate. Communicate. Promote. iTristan Media Group builds complex software applications that address your unique business requirements. Our team analysts and engineers follow a business-logic approach first in crafting a software application solution. This gives you the jump on innovation with the first mover advantage in your industry with Custom Software Application Development. This is business software tailored to your needs.

We have significant experience in Retail, Finance, Franchise, Merchant Payment Systems, Inventory and Supply Chain and Multi-Regional Multi-User Portals. Most importantly, as software practices grow and software frameworks mature, our ability to port over abstracted software and software knowledge from one sector to another grows.

Knowledge developed for one sector is transferrable to IoT, from Charity management to Arts, from Telematics to Finance, from Compliance to Integration, from Supply Chain to Risk Mitigation. It's still Software Application Development, with the added benefit of leveraged experience in broad sector deployment.

Products & Services

Create, Cultivate, and improve your productivity, efficiency, and customer experience.

Bring together your ideal business toolbox for integrating your required real-time data, automating workflow, presenting key decision-making information to the right team members and customers when they need it most. Right now.