B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce
Experience-First Approach Powering B2C+B2B at the same time. Streamlined Commerce workflow and experience for all your customers' motivations

Boost Revenue and Profit with B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce

Make online buying easy for both your B2C and B2B customers at the same time – optimized for each of your user personas. Generate more revenue with a proven multi-channel strategy, platform, and experience. This next generation of commerce growth is a multi-trillion dollar market! Take advantage and position your business for this next wave of Commerce.
Manage your retail, wholesale, and ecommerce all in one place. That's a platform ready for growth!
Smart-Aggregate your inventory

Smart Aggregation allows you to leverage all of your inventory in one place, shared out to B2C & B2B entirely, partially, by product, or by category - you choose. Your operation just increased efficiency by managing once, selling in multiple channels. 

Automate Team Workflow

Bring a smile to customers by automating purchase-to-shipping speed and communication from moment of sale, to shipping. Gain additional advantage of reducing errors in process, and focus on making your customers happy.

Manage your B2C and B2B workflow complexities gracefully

Raise the bar for all your customers optimizing their shopping experience with a rich feature experience for B2C customers, and a sleek, optimized B2B buyer-experience designed for large catalogues and order options.

Warehouse Shipping Logistics

Speed to market is everything! Whether incoming or outgoing, Warehouse Shipping Logistics streamlines your inventory flow so that your staff, websites, warehouses, vendors, and customers are acting on the fastest inventory movement possible. 

Group Terms & Options

Your B2C+B2B ECommerce site is aware of Group terms. Offer specific sub-groups terms unique to their business relationship. Break out customer groups, vendor inventory, checkout, shipping, discounts to fit your customer and vendor relationships the way you want them to be. 

Tax Management Automation

Accurately calculate and prepare tax rates with granular precision down to the product category, customer type (B2C or B2B),  state or province, and even American county. Go further with our new Avalara Tax Compliance integration with government agencies.

Whether you're established as B2C or B2B, moving into consumer or business buyer space needs an experienced hand helping to provide the services, flow, and user experience all your customers are looking for:

Tailored Experience to your Target Market: kinds of browsing and buying behaviour
Decision-Maker & Persona: who is actually doing research and purchasing? 
Personalized Accounts & Terms: offer user-account specific awareness, buying options, and terms    
Order Size & volume: respond to volume orders in your workflow and fulfillment in real time
User Experience between B2C & B2B: your users have different immediate needs and motivation, use that to your advantage
Checkout Experience and Flow: ordering, checkout, and payment models are different for your customers


B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce Businesses have:

Improved Shipping and Fulfillment by over 200%

In its DNA, B2C+B2B Commerce is built for performance, scale, and extendibility. We've expanded businesses ability to get product out the door, not worry about limitations.



Increased Mobile Conversion Rates by Over 100%!

Mobile Responsiveness all the way up to Progressive Web Apps are the next steps in mobile customer experience. The context of *how* your visitor is interacting with you dictates mobile conversion success, and scalable performance for all device types.

Saved on over-hiring by automating workflow and processes

Businesses just like you have enjoyed 500%+ gains in human processing productivity alone - making your workplace an enjoyable, smooth-flowing, and increasingly profitable operation by optimizing and automating your workflow.

100x Your Product Data Entry Speed and Accuracy with THIN Commerce Integration

What if you never had to enter product information from your vendors, partners, and marketplace members? Businesses have 100X'd their product to market ability making them faster, more competitive, and more search-worthy with vendor and marketplace product integration.

Increased Revenue 400% by Going Headless

Headless commerce allows you to control back end processes isolated from front end customer facing interfaces, webpages, mobile web applications, warehouse interfaces, and customer service screens significantly speeding up your go-to-market agility.

Improved B2B Customer Relationships, Interactions, and best of all, Revenue

Operate with a single point of truth: for all your inventory, customer information, and order, payment, and status data at your fingertips. If it's happening, your customer should know about it, regardless of time of day, location, device, or staff member they're talking to.

Scale Fulfillment Even Further with Automated 3rd Party Drop Ship Integration

Why ship anything yourself when there are warehouses and vendor partners who already do this out of the box? Focus on what you do best and provide value for customers. Automatically pass orders to the appropriate shipping warehouse, carrier, or partner in real time.

Improved Customer Service Experience with Enhanced Administrative Data Flow and Screens

What if you could craft, streamline, or completely design your customer service administrative management process? Give your customer support, consultants, sales, and fulfillment teams what they need to be their best - right now - with administrative information screens and flow they need.

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