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Own Your Marketing and Customer Relationships
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Commerce-Integrated Klaviyo helps businesses own their marketing

Despite the amount of information consumers and businesses share with each other, most of the emails and experiences businesses deliver do not use that data. iTMG Commerce-Integrated Klaviyo takes that to a new level.

Customer-centric businesses know the experiences they want to create, but earlier technologies haven’t been able to deal with the scale or real-time nature of information. As a result, businesses have to depend on straight advertising and other growth channels outside of their control and ecosystems.

Leveraging business’ customer data in the same system that delivers experiences to customers, allows new experiments and businesses to get off the ground and existing companies to grow faster in ways they control.

Integrated with your ECommerce

With ready-to-go integration support with your ECommerce site and application, you have at your fingertips customer and sale information you can act on and automate to scale your marketing and customer relationship reach. 

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A Key Partner in your Success Ecosystem

By pairing your powerful Commerce platform with the powerful scale of Klaviyo, you can not only act out of the box, but grow your scale to create new triggers, new business intelligence, new levels of customer relationships you never thought possible. Commerce Scale + Marketing Scale = a huge win for your growth.

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Automation Triggers Leverage your Customer Data More

Businesses often fail to use customer information to the max. To truly delight customers and drive your value to them repeatedly, your ecosystem must power automated triggers from Commerce customer data to marketing again and again.