Payment Processing
We Make Accepting Credit Cards Secure, Affordable And Painless

Secure ECommerce Credit Card Payment Processing

Consumers expect to shop for your products or services online, and need to feel confident in your ability to offer and experience that is fast, secure, and convenient. Anything less in online shopping is missing out on significant sales revenue. iTristan Media Group understands your need to offer a safe and easy online shopping experience for your customers, and we meet that need with innovation, millions in clients sales and an ongoing focus on data integrity. 
Manage your retail, wholesale, and ecommerce all in one place. That's a platform ready for growth!
ECommerce Credit Card Payment Processing

Make it simple for online visitors to click BUY NOW and pay you with all major cards: credit, debit or gift. With Industry-standard secure processing and fraud management your funds will be deposited quickly.

3rd Party Payments

Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. Meet your customers where they want to pay.

Alternate payment models

Business models differ. Sectors carry different demands for terms and instalments. We help you tailor methods aligned with your needs to best service your customers. 

B2B Payments

Business demands unique payment models and terms distinct from consumers. We offer payment flow integration with your commerce and ecommerce platforms to bring your business customers ordering, payment selection, and recurrability, with powerful administrative tools for your team.

Recurring and Triggered Payments

Some fulfillment and recurring models require partial, recurring, and on-completion payments. Offer the model that best fits your customer expectations, and ease of management by automation, or administrator-managed account event triggers, such as partial shipments, project milestones, or commissions.

Automated Tax Compliance

Simplify tax compliance with automation. Integrated Technology to help your business manage sales and use, excise, GST, VAT, and other tax types, across the U.S. and abroad. If you sell over a certain amount to American jurisdictions, you may be required to comply. 

Take Advantage of ever-growing Payment Experience Opportunities

Your customers expect the right level of convenience and ease whether at work, with family, or on an adventure at home or around the world
A fully integrated suite of payment types with workflow automation
From Startup to growth to SME and growth again, payment models go beyond taking card numbers and processing charges, your customers want and expect security, and performance, but also, options that fit their customer personal and professional lives.
Payments Security

Privacy, more than ever, is top of mind. We help you secure yourself with the right balance of merchant tokenization and encryption to ensure that your customer secure information is kept away from access and behind top-level merchant provider infrastructure. 


Payment Models are a Service to Help Your Customers

With B2B Commerce growing exponentially, we help you model the options you give your B2B customers attractive payment tied to their accounts, terms, timings, and deliverables. Ensure that you service your B2B and B2C customer expectations and needs on the right footing.

Payment Integration Consultation

With a team of experienced engineering, business models, and innovation, we offer insight into your accounts management application's role with merchant processing in making your business faster and more convenient for your customers and your team.

PaaS: Payments as a Service

Offer larger client groups merchant services you can umbrella under your roof. Aggregated under you, your client accounts are faster and simpler to set up, and can even be automated. Better still, you are credited with commissions on transactions for your entire aggregate family.

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