THIN Retail
Omnichannel Commerce Meets Data Integration to Bring the Ultimate in Next Generation Retail

Choose whether you stock inventory. Choose whether you ship your sold product. Choose whether you even enter your product information. 

What's left for you to do? Run your business, build your brand and reach your customers.The rest, your system manages for you.
Auto-Import Product Information

Whether you have one location, store, pop-up shop or multiple warehouses you can sell it. All your customer information, inventory information, operational information, available everywhere, all the time! This multiplies your ability to sell by how much? Two times? Five times? Ten times?

Auto-Promote and Sell Your Product

We think of retail point of sale as a very powerful launching pad. From its fantastic base in retail operations we build customized management admin screens and functionality for a wide array of operational requirements.

Auto-Fulfill Your Sales to Drop Ship

Having the x,000 product skus from one of your stores online is pretty great. But having ALL your inventory from ALL your stores is HUGE! This is an order of magnitude difference in operational and marketing scale giving you a Google-facing footprint your competitors cannot compete with.

We think that's way better than pretty great.