ecommerce websites

ECommerce Websites

The next generation of ECommerce technology powers your on-and-offline business.

A true extension of business operations, we provide scalable operations to meet your workflow, ordering, and fulfillment processes as you need them 

Speed is Smart Business Strategy

Greatly improve user productivity and integration flexibility, scalability and expandability over custom manual coding. Hand coding, either by IT workers writing SQL scripts or business people using spreadsheets, is still being done extensively in organizations. This isn't just being more efficient, it's a business model enhancement of your brand.

Improve Decision-Making

Effective decisions depend on aggregated, calculated, and time-series data values in a data warehouse—data and data structures that wouldn’t exist without data integration. Your business performance depends on aggregated team participation and KPIs from all business entities. This is true whether operations are within a single enterprise or separate entities that share data.


Welcome to the New Commerce. You Are Now Omnichannel!

cannabis eCommerce

Cannabis Commerce

The first gram is out the door

Operating a Cannabis Business transcends standard business practices. Key principles, crucial for mitigating liability and ensuring customer security, must navigate the complex maze of regulatory frameworks and regional limitations. SellStack is designed to seamlessly handle these intricacies, integrating with ecosystem partners and streamlining supply chain logistics, ensuring you’re fully equipped to thrive in this unique sector.
payment processing credit cards

Payment Processing

Secure ECommerce Credit Card Payment Processing

Consumers expect to shop for your products or services online, and need to feel confident in your ability to offer and experience that is fast, secure, and convenient. Anything less in online shopping is missing out on significant sales revenue. iTristan Group understands your need to offer a safe and easy online shopping experience for your customers, and we meet that need with innovation, millions in clients sales and an ongoing focus on data integrity. 
Navigate the complexities of payment processing with iTristan's robust solutions at every level—from gateway to merchant services to bank integrations. Whether it's managing one-off transactions or handling recurring authorizations, our platform ensures seamless, secure payment services, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your business.

B2B Affiliate Marketplace


An integrated edition to launch your marketplace without hassle

Our unique approach to unified marketplace infrastructure enables the speed, agility and innovation required to take over new markets. We provide the best-in-class B2B front-office for buyers, middle-office for sellers and back-office for operators.

Customize, connect, and integrate: infinite possibilities to match sellers and B2B buyer expectations

Design your own user and B2B experience with custom or external front-office, seamless integrations to existing platforms, and dedicated cloud services to handle traffic spikes and large catalogues.